NEW Package in Town – Pet Adoption Pawty

Pet Adoption Pawty

We are launching a new Party Package to the menu with our Pet Adoption Pawty in line with our new website.  We have launched with our new Puppy Adoption Pawty with Bella in May, she had a blast with 14 of her best friends and her favourite thing was the Pupcakes, apart from her adorable pup she called Rainbow Sparkles, a cute little Chihuahua which we put a bright purple bow on before her party started so no one adopted her pup.

A great day was had by all, we have a fab Vet entertainer with Dr Rhiannon who took the kidlets through their adoption, picking a pup from the Adoption Centre, helped them name their pups, then it was on to making Pup collars, they could even put their or pups name in beads!  The kids were enthralled with Dr Rhiannon, she took them outside and took them through health checks, some training tips and then an obstacle course with their puppies and a ‘Pin the Bone on the Puppy’ game.

The kids had a picnic style brunch with fruit, yoghurt, pikelet and hot sausage roll, all sitting on velvet and cosy cushions to much down on their Savoury Snackboxes.  And after their adoption and games then enjoyed signing happy birthday to Miss Bella and tucking into the Dessert Table of treats.  There were so many desserts and treats with Pupcakes, Cakepops, Donuts, Bone Macarons in Caramilk ganache filling and water bowl jellys, with of course our signature custom cookies in a range of puppies.  The adults enjoyed a platter of hot sausage rolls and fruit.  So much fun was had by all!

Here is a range of photos of the Pup Adoption Pawty to see what our package includes, and how we all enjoyed the day.  It’s a gorgeous party theme, and the kidlets were in their element with the pups and the collar making and the picnic together.  A 3 hour event with a 2 hour entertainer was just perfect.

Be sure to check out our brand new Party Package range, with the Pet Adoption Pawty coming in :
Owls (Harry Potter theme)

Puppy Pawty Place setting Pup collar making 2 1 Caramilk Bone Macarons

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